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NCL Innovation Park

Video archives

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  • (16 Sept 2017) NCL Innovations Seminar Series: 17th Talk on Medical Device Innovation - Stories and Best Practices by Prof. B. Ravi (Institute Chair Professor, IIT Bombay)
  • (17 Dec 2015)7th Innovation and Technology Enterprise Lecture Series, Prof Chaitan Khosla: Connecting Molecules to Human Health: Opportunities and Challenges for Start-ups in the For-Profit and Non-Profit Worlds
  • (27 Jan 2012)6th Innovation and Technology Enterprise Lecture Series: Dr. Ramani Narayan: Entrepreneurship an important "learning" for Scientists & Engineers - Experiences of a Faculty Entrepreneur in the BioPlastics Space
  • (5 Mar 2013)16th NCL Innovations Seminar: "Technology Commercialization Framework" by Mr. Sid Burbank & Mr. Jim Vance
  • (23 Mar 2013)15th NCL Innovations Seminar: "8 Steps to Innovation: Going from Jugaad to Excellenc" by Vinay Dabholkar & Rishikesha T Krishnan | For Registration Click here
  • (1 April 2012) Dr. Harish Hande: "Is solar expensive and does it make sense for the poor of our country?"
  • (27 Jan 2012) Dr. Rakesh Roshan: "Commercialising technologies from Oxford and Beyond"
  • (23 Sep 2011) Dr. Shrikant Lohokare: "Building an Innovation Pipeline"
  • (18 Apr 2011) Dr. Nathan Letts: "Technology Transfer and Academic/Industry Collaborations in the U.S."
  • (30 Mar 2011) Dr. Uday Phadke: "Building a Technology Business"
  • (21 Feb 2011) Dr. S. Sivaram: "Why Should Scientists in Academia Patent? Some Personal Reflections"
  • (27 Dec 2010) 9th NCL Innovations Seminar: Ms. Sucharita Kamath
  • (20 May 2010) 8th NCL Innovations Seminar: Prof. Rishikesha T. Krishnan
  • (5 Apr 2010) NCL Innovation Park hosts CSIR Exhibition.
  • (1 Oct 2009) 7th NCL Innovations Seminar: Dr. Gopakumar G. Nair
  • (27 Aug 2009) 6th NCL Innovations Seminar: Dr. M. V. Shankar
  • (13 Feb 2009) 5th NCL Innovations Seminar: Prof Shai Vyakarnam
  • (5 Feb 2009) 4th NCL Innovations Seminar: Ms. Susan Searle
  • (19 Dec 2008) 3rd NCL Innovations Seminar: Dr Faruq Marikar
  • (11 Dec 2008) 2nd NCL Innovations Seminar: Prof Amit Ray"
  • (29 Sep 2008) Fourth Innovation and Technology Enterprise Lecture: Dr Keki Gharda on "Entrepreneurship"
  • (10 Jan 2008) Prof Gerry George, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Imperial College - UK to speak on Science Entrepreneurs
  • (2 April 2007) Oxford Nanotechnologist- Entrepreneur to speak at NCL
  • (2 April 2007)Seminar: Models for Science Parks and Business Incubators- Oxford Experiences"
  • (18 Dec 2006) Prof Sir Richard Friend to inaugurate the Venture Center
  • (18 December 2006) Prof Sir Friend to speak on "Company start-up in Cambridge: From science to technology to products."
  • CSIR