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NCL Innovation Park

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NCL Innovation Park overview

The NCL Innovation Park is a 43,000 sq m (10.6 acre) facility being developed by the National Chemical Laboratory to support the birth, growth and expansion plans of research and knowledge-based business entities (both start-up companies and subsidiaries of established companies) through critical stages of their growth by providing ready-to-occupy space (with varying degrees of servicing) with easy access to the knowledge centers (like NCL), knowledge workers, business networks and other resources. The NCL Innovation Park is being planned as an environment that will marry corporate efficiency, agility and entrepreneurial vigor with the contemporary knowledge skills, intellectual depth and spirit of invention characteristic of research organizations such as NCL. The NCL Innovation Park was conceived and operations begun in Jan 2006.

Core purpose

To promote synergistic and productive relationships between business enterprises and NCL with a clear focus on innovation and technology development for value creation.


To be known for helping build research-driven innovative enterprises with global reach.


NCL Innovation Park is a resource center of the National Chemical Laboratory , Pune.


The NCL Innovation Park initiative is currently led by Dr. V. Premnath. Dr. V. Premnath holds a B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay and a Ph.D. from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He has also been a Chevening Technology Enterprise Fellow with the Centre for Scientific Enterprises, London Business School and Cambridge University, UK. He brings to the NCL Innovation Park considerable experience in technology development and commercialization (two successfully commercialized families of products), working with start-up companies (in Cambridge and India) and engaging with large corporations on research and consulting projects as project leader.