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NCL Innovation Park

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Activities and Programs

The current activities of the NCL Innovation Park are:

  • Development of the NCL Innovation Park campus
    • Goal: We wish to build a cradle for innovation that would let the occupants focus exclusively on research, technology development and innovation in a safe, secure, aesthetic, professional and high-quality environment. The NCL Innovation Park is planned to evolve into a world-class corporate campus characterized by professional estate management, rigorous institutional systems, clear guidelines and rules, efficiency of services and discipline.
  • Institutional mechanisms and relationship models
    • Goal: Set-up institutional mechanisms and new relationship models (esp. PPP models) to enable NCL & NCL employees to work closely with private companies within the NCL Innovation Park to further the goal of building sustainable and competitive research-driven enterprises.
  • Identify and attract high-quality associates to participate in the NCL Innovation Park initiative. Build public-private partnerships in technology innovation.
    • Goal: To identify and attract high-quality entrepreneurial or established companies to work closely with NCL in building technology enterprises with global reach.

Facilities & resources, in brief:

  • A green and spacious campus of size 43,000 sq m (470,000 sq ft or 10.6 acre). To increase by 2 acres.
  • Built up space 41,300 sq ft
  • 24 hour security
  • Continuous water supply
  • 3 phase power supply
  • Being in the vicinity of NCL & sharing NCL's mind space

Growth plan:

In the next two years, we intend to develop 2-4 acres of the campus into lab and office space leveraging PPP models of interaction with private players.