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NCL Innovation Park

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Current residents:

Venture Center - Entrepreneurship Development Center The mission of the Venture Center (a not-for-profit independent company) is to nucleate and nurture technology and knowledge-based enterprises. Key activities of the Venture Center shall include a) providing space, facilities and services for new start-ups. (Includes shared labs for chemistry & materials science, physics & engineering, biology, prototyping and fabrication, and analysis, b) creating the environment, building resources and making available opportunities for new venture creation, and c) put in place mechanisms to make readily available & accessible know-how support, business support, administrative support and financial support. The Venture Center is expected to specialize in manufacturing companies in the areas of biomedical products and devices, niche chemicals and nano-materials, specialty materials science products for various sectors such as packaging, infrastructure, automotives and lifestyle products, select biotech products and niche scientific instruments and tools, and software and services companies in the area of process design and simulation, research and technology management consulting, IP management services, information research/ resources and scientific intelligence services, and drug discovery services.
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune (IISER-Pune) IISER-Pune is a premier academic and research institute funded by the Government of India dedicated to professional science education leading to postgraduate and doctoral degrees. The NCL Innovation Park shall be hosting IISER-Pune until they move into their new campus being planned adjacent to the NCL Innovation Park.
National Repository of Molecules (NRM), NCL The NRM is an intra-preneurial venture of the National Chemical Laboratory. NRM aims to build a powerful physical library of small molecules (leveraging NCL's strong research programme in organic chemistry) along with a complementing library of research information relating to these molecules. If successful, this repository can be a significant resource for new drug development and other activities always on the lookout for new and interesting molecules.

Previous residents:

Deepak Research and Development Foundation (DRDF) (2006-2007) DRDF is the research and development subsidiary of Deepak Nitrite Limited, the flagship company of the Deepak Group of Industries. Deepak Nitrite is a leading Indian company in the fine chemicals space with product portfolios in colourants and imaging chemicals intermediates, agrochemical intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, rubber chemical intermediates, etc. DRDF and NCL are exploring areas of synergy relating to fine chemicals via homogeneous catalysis and contemporary methods of organic synthesis. DRDF has now moved into its new premises in the outskirts of Pune.

Funding and supporters:

At this time, the development of NCL Innovation Park is fully funded by NCL through its internal accruals including recycled earnings of the NCL Innovation Park.