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NCL Innovation Park

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In the News
  • (February 10, 2010, TOI)DRDO plans techno park in Chennai
  • (April 01,2010, India Express)CSIR Science Exhibition at NCL Innovation Park (1 - 3 April 2010)
  • (May 29, 2009, NCL): CSIR Invention Award for School Chlidren (pdf,690 kb)
  • (May 07, 2009, Indian Express): Now, a library dedicated to boost entrepreneurship (pdf,518 kb)
  • (April 22, 2009, Indian Express): Lectures on 'How giant molecules wiggle' for student (pdf,564 kb)
  • (August 30, 2008, Indian Express): Lectures for child scientists (pdf,19 kb)
  • (August 30, 2008,Times of India): NCL to organize science lectures for students (pdf,20 kb)
  • (August 28, 2008,Sakal): NCL science popularization program (pdf,441 kb)
  • (January 18, 2008,Sakal): Report in marathi on Prof Gerry George's talk (pdf,96 kb)
  • (January 8, 2008,Indian Express): Exploring new frontiers in nanotechnology (pdf,10 kb)
  • (January 8, 2008,Times of India): NCL to strengthen ties with industry (pdf,11 kb)
  • (March 30, 2007,Times of India): Nanotech expert to speak at NCL (pdf,29 kb)
  • (January 9, 2007,Chemical Weekly): Venture Center Inaugurated at NCL Innovation Park (pdf,207 kb)
  • (December 19, 2006,Times of India): Marketing boosts for scientists (pdf,97 kb)
  • (December 19, 2006,Indian Express): NCL Centre to turn scientist into entrepreneur (pdf,115 kb)
  • (December 19, 2006,Maharashtra Herald): Change mindset to retain IQ, says Mashelkar (pdf,158 kb)
  • (December 19, 2006,Loksatta): Indian intelligence increases other countries wealth (pdf,290 kb)
  • (December 19, 2006,Lokmat): Cambridge University has successfully translated research to industry (pdf,94 kb)
  • (December 19, 2006,Sakal): Scientists should file patents before publishing: Friend (pdf,72 kb)
  • (August 18, 2006,Sakal): There will be 3 more National Science Institute (pdf,148 kb)
  • (August 17, 2006,Maharastra Herald): This is the time to be a scientist (pdf,141 kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,Maharastra Herald): IISER to open doors of science on August 16 (pdf,32kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,Sakal): IISER established for Education and Research in Science (pdf,161kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,The Economic Times): National Chem Lab to start IISER in Pune (pdf,27kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,The Indian Express): From August 16, IIT of science to begin classes (pdf,58kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,The Times of India):IISER functions from NCL (pdf,105kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,Maharastra Herald): Venture Centre: Innovators' hub (pdf,28kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,Business Line): Pune to house institute of science, education research (pdf,25kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,The Times of India): NCL unveils plan for global visibility (pdf,105kb)
  • (July 22, 2006,Loksatta): From researcher to Entrepreneur (pdf,93kb)
  • (May 2006,Chemical Business): NCL and Deepak Nitrite Ltd. sign MOU (pdf,39.2 kb)
  • (May 3-2006,The Economic Times Pune): NCL chalks out innovation park with a venture centre (pdf,38 kb)
  • (April 19-2006,Sakal): Admission process get started in Nagpur And Kolkata for IISER (pdf,63.1kb)
  • (April 7-2006,Express Pharma,India): DNL and NCL sign MoU (pdf,68 kb)
  • (March 25-2006,The Indian Express): NCL gets into 'VC act' to nurture good business ideas (pdf,68 kb)
  • (March 21-2006,ChemicalWeekly): Deepak Nitrite sets up R&D Centre in NCL campus (pdf,144 kb)
  • (March 16-2006,The Times of India): Science education gets new dimensions (pdf,45 kb)
  • (March 14-2006,Times of India): Deepak Nitrite signs MoU with NCL
    (pdf,25.4 kb)
  • (March 13-2006,Sakal): National Chemical Laboratory and pune based Deepak Nitrite Limited have... (pdf,214 kb)
  • (March 12-2006,Maharastra Herald): Some Chemistry : Deepak Nitrite ink MoU (pdf,510 kb)
  • (February 12-06, Maharastra Herald) : 'Borderless science' the focus at IISER,Pune (pdf,64.8 kb)
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