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NCL Innovation Park

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Opportunities and information

Seeking Public-Private Partnerships in Technology Innovation (PPP-TI):

NCL is currently seeking interest from potential partners for building public-private partnerships in select areas where NCL has strength and can contribute intellectual capital. A typical PPP-TI may be structured as follows:

  • The starting point is identifying the partners and the field. Typically, the field is an area where private partner(s) wish to build technology and IP and NCL has a long-term strategic interest in that area. NCL may also have IP in the area.
  • The private partner will typically contribute:
    • Market focus and definition of market needs
    • Operations and project management efficiency
    • Scale-up and late stage development; market entry
    • Funding support
  • NCL will typically contribute:
    • Intellectual contributions in terms of expertise, methods etc
    • Intellectual property (if available)
    • Extending access to NCL facilities and resources on agreed terms
    • Space at NCL Innovation Park
  • Costs and rewards (including IP) are shared by all parties.

A few indicative areas where NCL is seeking partners:

  • Non-conventional energy
  • Materials
  • Health
  • Bio-resource value addition

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any opportunities.

For prospective residents:

We are currently explore PPP models (especially, Build- Operate-Transfer models)and JV models with private companies whose business plans can leverage NCL's research strengths for technology innovation. Synergy with NCL's programs and existing research relationships shall be pluses. Interested companies are encouraged to interact with us.

General information:

For Information on the NCL Innovation Park, its location and strengths, please download these flyers: One-page poster (pdf, 1841 kb), Promotional leaflet (pdf, 813 kb)

For job/internship seekers:

To join the NCL Innovation Park team: No openings at this time. Advertisements for job openings are expected to appear in the coming months on the NCL jobs site.

For internships: The NCL Innovation Park is currently interested in persons desiring exposure in a) architectural/ interior/ landscape designing/ planning/ overseeing, b) setting up/ drafting agreements and terms (legal background). Please write to Dr V Premnath stating your 1) interests, 2) the time you wish to invest in the internship and 3) your resume.

To explore opportunities with resident organizations, please visit their sites " Associates"